Rangers vs Flyers Game 6

Flyers 5, Rangers 2

The New York Rangers lost to the Philadelphia Flyers by the score 5-2 in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, tonight. The series is now tied 3-3. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…you guys didn’t really think the Rangers were going to win in six games did you? They never disappoint do they. Actually had to send my wife out during second intermission for a Xanax refill.

…this game pretty much came down to the Flyers capitalizing on mistakes, while the Rangers weren’t able to reciprocate. Blueshirts absolutely had them in the ropes early in the first and as is usually the case with this team they lacked that killer instinct to get the job done. 12 straight losses when they’re leading in a series.

…three games ago, the Flyers made an adjustment on the penalty kill to step up on the Rangers forwards as they entered the offensive zone and Arniel has yet to figure out how to counter. Although, if they could actually win an offensive zone face-off they wouldn’t have to worry about entering the zone. Any chance we see Diaz in Game 7?

…while there was a lot to be furious about, what rubbed me the wrong way the most was that they allowed a first period penalty destroy their confidence. If they’re not mentally strong enough to fight through adversity in the first period, how am I expected to think they’ll be able to do it in a Game 7. Unacceptable.

…having said that, the one thing we all said the Rangers couldn’t do was take bad penalties. It’s killing them late in this series.

…i’m not saying the Rangers go on to win the game, but immediately after the Flyers took the 1-0 lead, Nash had a point blank shot from five feet and buried it in Mason’s pads. No drawn penalty or fancy stat can make up for that. Nash shot totals have decreased dramatically as the series has gone on 7,6,5,5,0,2 (H/T reader Ray H.). As the moment gets bigger, he gets smaller. 

…having said that, at least Nash is drawing penalties. Brassard and Pouliot have been complete no shows in this series. In fact, being a no show would be an upgrade for Pouliot who has been killing the Rangers with bad penalties.

…career numbers for Lundqvist with the Rangers leading a series: 22 games, 8-14, .872 save pct, 3.50 goals allowed per game. (H/T reader John M.)

…remember when you guys all laughed at me for saying I was worried about the return of Mason?

…i’m not sure what it is about Carcillo, but Simmonds always seems more concerned about sending him a message than finding the back of the net. For that reason alone, I’d like to see the Rangers agitator back in the line-up tomorrow night.

…so much for that puck luck for the Rangers I mentioned earlier today, because neither of the first two goals against happen without it for the Flyers.

…these embellishment calls against the Rangers are a joke. Dorsett gets penalized for being crosschecked from behind, meanwhile nothing for Giroux, who goes down like he’s shot after getting touched on his back. The Flyers captain has gotten the full Crosby treatment from the refs in this series. 

…Girardi looked Del Zotto vs. the Devils in 2012-like tonight.

…Holy crap there’s someone worse at fighting than Boyle!!!!

…before the series began, I said I loved that Game 6 & 7 were back-to-back because it didn’t give the teams time to think about it. I think that helps the Rangers after a night like this.

…pretty negative recap, so let’s end on this: Rangers are 5-0 in Game 7s at home and 2-0 with Lundqvist. Very rarely is momentum carried over from game to game in the playoffs as proved in this series, so cheer up Blueshirt fans Game 7s are supposed to be fun. Right?

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