Oilers 2, Rangers 1

Oilers beat Rangers 2-1 on late goal

The New York Rangers (31-24-3) lost to the Edmonton Oilers (20-33-6) by the score of 2-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…it's not too often I'm right on this blog, but tonight had all the makings of a trap game, so I'm not completely shocked by the result. The players can talk all they want about not looking past a lowly team like the Oilers with the Penguins on the schedule the next day, but the effort tonight suggested otherwise. So did all the first period turnovers

…i know this wasn't the most physical game in the world, but zero power plays for the Rangers? Absolutely embarrassing that there was no call on the Jones elbow on Zuccarello. I guess I can't complain too much since the Oilers only had one extra man opportunity, plus the Rangers were the beneficiary of a quick whistle.

…speaking of that elbow on Zucc, you guys know I'm an eye for an eye fan when it comes to an opponent taking liberties with a Rangers player, but we're in February now. Can't risk taking a stupid penalty tied at 1-1 in the third period. I thought Klein dealt with it perfectly. He asked Jones if he wanted to go, and when the Oiler forward backed down like a little bitch, Klein got right back into the play.

…for the second straight game, Callahan was the best Ranger on the ice. But if he wants $7 million per year, he better start burying some of those opportunities.

…i know Klein was brought in to replace Del Zotto on the blueline, but I wasn't expecting him to also replicate the embattled defenseman's turnovers.

…Brassard easily has one of the most under-rated shots in the league. Probably because he doesn't utilize it enough. Shoot the puck, Brassy!

…Kreider-Stepan-Nash have combined for zero points in the last four games.

…even on a night where the Rangers don't have it, I still walk away from the game loving Zuccarello after he gives Perron the business after the Brassard goal.

…yes, the game had letdown written all over, but it's still not an excuse. If the Rangers want to continue to be considered a top team in the Eastern Conference this is a game they have to find a way to win. While the Blueshirts can be as dangerous as any team when allowed to skate, I'm still not 100% confident we can count on this team to grind out a goal or a win when necessary.

…not much time to dwell on this one as the Rangers are right back at it tomorrow night in Pittsburgh.


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