NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Montreal Canadiens at New York Rangers

NYR-MTL Series Affecting Next Season’s Salary Cap

The NHL just gained yet another reason to extend the Eastern Conference Finals as if the officiating wasn’t already doing a good job of that as it is…

In a Sunday column in The Globe and Mail, James Mirtle states that with every $20 million (US) the NHL brings in during the postseason, roughly another $400K would be added to the salary cap’s upper ceiling for the following season. He goes on to say that with the big market NHL teams still playing, hockey related revenue could be pushed to new heights.

“Even before the matchups were set, the NHL was going to hit a record on that front.  Based on the league projecting next year’s salary cap to fall in the $69-million (U.S.) range, revenues are up to at least the $3.6-billion range – a nearly 10-per-cent jump from the last full season back in 2011-12.

With teams such as the Habs and Rangers in play, however, that’s likely to keep creeping higher. Montreal is generating more than $3-million in gate revenue per home date – nearly double that of a small market – and New York and Chicago aren’t far behind.”

Assuming Mr. Mirtle’s calculations don’t factor in the below average value of the Canadian Dollar, which remains largely unchanged since Gary Bettman took questions on that very subject a month ago. Still, these are great signs for the growth of the sport away from the rink, which just a short year and a half ago appeared awfully grim.