NYR Arbitration Dates Set; NHL News and Notes

Yesterday, we finally learned the dates for the arbitration hearings regarding the Rangers three Group II RFA’s:

The Rangers have just a hair over $14 million in cap room to secure the above 3 players in addition to John Moore, who is not eligible for arbitration. The Rangers also have to worry about their 12th and 13th forwards on the roster as those spots are currently vacated.

In the event that 2 Rangers actually go to arbitration hearings, Article 12-10 (c) of the CBA mandates that the Rangers are required to accept the award to at least one player. If all 3 players go to arbitration hearings, the Rangers can “walk away” from no more than 2 contracts. The Rangers can only walk away from a player if the award is above a certain salary, however as of this writing, the exact number is unknown but expected to be just shy of $4 million AAV, up from $3.5 million a season ago.

Elsewhere yesterday, the Blackhawks gave Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane dual 8 year, $84 million contract extensions, noting the first time a player has a cap hit of over $10 million in the salary cap era.

It was only a matter of time before we got to this milestone, however I have to question the judgment of devoting nearly 28% of your projected cap space in 2015-16 into just two guys. This likely means players like Patrick Sharp and Brent Seabrook are on borrowed time in Chicago.

At 1 year, $1 million, I thought Heatley would’ve been a nice low risk move to replace Pouliot on the 3rd line. However, Heatley cited the potential of playing with Ryan Getzlaf as a big reason why he signed in Anaheim.