No X-Ray Machine at Olympic Arena for Zuccarello; Dorsett Injury Update

After Rangers practice yesterday, Mats Zuccarello discussed his fractured left hand which was due to a blocked shot against Austria…

"I knew it was trouble. I went to get an x-ray right away, but they didn't have an x-ray at the rink. So I shook it off and played the rest of the game. Then the day after it was bad."

…inexcusable!!!! How is there not an x-ray machine at the game?!?!?!?! He could have easily caused further damage to his hand forcing him to miss the entire season. You'd think after the Cherepanov incident forced KHL teams to install defibrillators in every arena, Russian authorities would take extra precautions, especially with the Olympics, to also have x-ray machines available.

…i've been a major proponent of NHL players participating in the Olympics, but if the medical care isn't up to standard then I might have to re-think my stance.

Here's the rest of Zuccarello's interview…

Meanwhile, Derek Dorsett (broken leg) has practiced with a non-contact jersey the last two days as he hopes to return to the lineup when the Rangers open their post Olympic schedule against the Blackhawks on the 27th.

Here's Dorsett discussing his comeback…

…very interested to see what AV does with the lineup. He can either just plug Dorsett in for Zuccarello (fractured hand) or recall Miller to fill-in for Zucc and then replace Carcillo with Dorsett or just leave Carcillo and keep Dorsett in the press box.

…my preference would be to recall Miller, who had chemistry with Pouliot in December, to replace Zucc and leave Carcillo in the lineup as the fourth line has been a strong point for the Rangers. Sorry Derek, but sometimes you lose your job when you get injured.

On a very unrelated topic, how awesome is this Twitter logo Kevin Klein had designed for himself…

…ok, I guess we have our nickname for Klein on the blog.

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