No Structural Damage to McDonagh’s Shoulder

According to Larry Brooks at the New York Post, Ryan McDonagh did not suffer structural damage, nor either a separation or dislocation,  as a result of the Alex Burrows hit last night.

Group celebration, yes!

Brooks adds that McDonagh is still considered out indefinitely and isn’t sure if he’ll be ready for the playoffs in two weeks.

McDonagh did travel with the team to Colorado.

…and exhale. More important than whether or not the Rangers retaliated is McDonagh’s health, so this is huge. If McDonagh was lost for the remainder of the season any hope of a long playoff run would have gone out the window. While Brooks does term him as being out indefinitely, we should know more about his status in the next few days.

…upon further review of the video, the hit by Burrows wasn’t the most vicious I’ve ever seen, but until Bettman and the owners finally get serious about cracking down on these kind of dangerous hits they’re going to continue to be a part of the game. Which is disgraceful.


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