NHL Talks to Mets About Citi Field Game

According to Katie Strang at, a senior New York Mets source has revealed that the team has had discussions with the NHL about the possibility of an outdoor game in the future…

"We're always talking with various entities about bringing big events to Citi Field," the source said. "We did have discussions with the NHL and are always open to revisiting them down the road."

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly confirmed these discussions to…

"Yes, we have had a number of discussions in the past about the possibility of staging an outdoor game at CitiField. Not in a position to predict if or when that might happen."

Meanwhile, New York Yankee management was so thrilled with the response to both games this past week, they're ready for another go around (via…

"If they want to come back, whenever they want to come back, the schedule is up to them, they're more than welcome. We love this event," Yankee President Randy Levine said. "This has just been an incredible two days. The stadium is alive. It's been a lot of fun. We've sold out both games. I leave it to the NHL. It's their league, it's their games. Whenever they think it's appropriate.

"Commissioner [Gary] Bettman has done a phenomenal job. We love the event, but we'll take the lead from them."

…i will be absolutely floored if the NHL isn't back outside in New York again next year. The two games at Yankee Stadium were a home run (pun intended). The sold out crowds. The television ratings. Cee-Lo Green. I mean, how could they not bring it back.

…now obviously the concern is watering down the product. I definitely think, if the NHL does bring it back to the Metropolitan area next year, it should be cut down to just one game and maybe as James suggested yesterday they eventually schedule the Stadium Series games for every other year.

…i was initially concerned that the Stadium Series games would take away from the Winter Classic, but after what I witnessed in person Wednesday night, I not only think it should be back in New York as soon as possible, but every that NHL city should get the opportunity to experience this event.

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