Ryan McDonagh, Scott Hartnell

McDonagh Starting to Feel Like Himself

Yesterday, Ryan McDonagh was a guest on WFAN’s Joe & Evan Radio Show and discussed his health as well as the series against the Flyers…

To me the most interesting part of McDonagh’s interview was this update on his status…

“I’m feeling great. Getting in a few games here and starting to feel like myself. Obviously in the playoffs there’s no time to rest. Every game is intense, so you have to make sure you’re taking care of your body off the ice.”

McDonagh added that he hasn’t been tired since returning from his two week absence, but, because everything happens so much quicker in the playoffs, it’s just a matter of finding his rhythm.

The Ranger defenseman is pointless with a -3 in the series.

…it’s only been three games since McDonagh’s return, so I’m not going to get too crazy, but it’s safe to say he’s looked a little rusty. From Hartnell rubbing him out behind the net in Game 1 (#hockeyporn) to Voracek blowing past him in Game 2 (#doublehockeyporn) and finally his tumble into Richards in Game 3 he hasn’t been very McDonagh-like in this series.

…i get that it takes time to get your rhythm back, especially when your return coincides with the beginning of the playoffs, but I wouldn’t be shocked if this summer we hear that McDonagh was playing well below the 100% he’s reporting. He’s too good of a player to be struggling this much.

…having said that, McDonagh at less than full strength is still better than 80% of the defensemen in the NHL, so, despite having a target on his back this series, I don’t expect these hiccups to last much longer. And if they do, it’ll still never be as bad as Del Zotto.

…and big time credit to the rest of the Rangers defense, specifically Staal, for picking up the stack while McDonagh finds his game. Never easy to overcome the loss of a top defenseman as well as the adjustment period when he returns, but the Rangers have done it with little or no difficulty.

Speaking of Rangers on the radio yesterday, Brad Richards was on the Mike Francesa Show (WFAN)…


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