McDonagh Plans To Be Back Before Playoffs

During the first intermission last night, Ryan McDonagh spoke to the Rangers beat writers about his shoulder injury (via Daily News)…

“I’m pretty confident that I will be (back before the playoffs),” McDonagh said. “That’s my goal. I wish I could be out there right now, but hopefully I get a chance to get back in soon.

“I’m gonna play as soon as I can and as soon as I feel confident to play the way I need to play on the ice. I don’t care if we’ve clinched or not. Timing wise it’s going to be a lot different at the next stage we’re hopefully going to be at. So I want to get back out there, I want to play and help the guys.”

McDonagh added that he was initially concerned it might be serious…

“I’ve never felt that type of pain in my shoulder before. I was relieved it was nothing structurally damaged and it’s just a matter of getting back that full range of motion.”

On how he currently feels…

“I just don’t have the full range of motion right now. It’s a little bit of a restriction, and a little bit of pain with that. Already today, (though), it feels better than yesterday after some treatment from (trainer Jim Ramsay), so that’s a good sign.”

On his rehab…

“I’m just trying to get it calmed down and slowly but surely stretching it back and slowly but surely getting the motion back. That’s the biggest thing. It’s a little bit of pain, but it’s the restriction that’s the biggest thing. If you can’t move it full range, you’re not gonna do anything on the ice very well.”

The Rangers defenseman also addressed the hit from Alex Burrows…

“It’s a tough hit to take that late in the game,” McDonagh said. “You never know what the true intent of a player is but I’m just glad I didn’t come out of it worse and I’ll be back here quicker than if something worse happened.”

…while the defense performed admirably last night, why do I feel if McDonagh was on the ice for that crucial late faceoff the Rangers likely win the game?

…while McD wants to get back as soon as possible, I think his teammates would be doing him a huge favor by wrapping up a playoff spot and the #2 seed in the Metro Division as soon as possible, so that he’s not put in the difficult situation of coming back too early. Hopefully, if all goes right, the Rangers can ease him back in the final few games of the season to get his timing back as they prepare for the playoffs.


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