McDonagh Schooled By Crosby

I know it’s Sidney Crosby, but this play is the latest proof that Ryan McDonagh is either still injured or pretty damn rusty…


…listen, Crosby didn’t score and the play had no baring on the final result, but it was a pretty telling sign of where McDonagh’s game is at these days. Not sure I’ve ever seen him get embarrassed like that even during his first few weeks in the NHL when he was playing very tentative.

…and it looks like he’s just going to have to play through it because AV isn’t going to give him a night off, nor should he, unless the shoulder becomes so debilitating he can’t go.

…if McDonagh and his partner Girardi, who did his best to help the Penguins win Game 2, don’t rediscover their dominance, the once promising prospect of winning this series will be gone quicker than Crosby blowing past the Minnesota product last night. 

McDonagh insisted after last night’s 3-0 loss that his shoulder is fine and gave this excuse for his mediocre postseason (via Daily News)…

“I feel like I’m trying to get up, trying to join. I’ve got good legs in joining, and it’s just not clicking right now.”


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