McDonagh Day-to-Day; Moore Paired With Girardi; Miller Needs to Commit

The good news continues to roll in regarding Ryan McDonagh’s injured shoulder as Alain Vigneault classified the defenseman as day-to-day and that he doesn’t think he’ll be out that long.

…can you say “Hockey Gods smiling down on the Rangers and their fans.” And we deserve it with all the waived off goals and terrible officiating we’ve had to deal with this season.

With McDonagh not in the lineup tonight, JOHN Moore will, at least initially, take his place on the top pair with Dan Girardi.

…while we all wanted to see a reunion of the Staal/Girardi pairing, this move keeps the Rangers from being too top heavy on defense especially against a Colorado team that basically has a two top lines even with the knee injury to Duchene.

The forward lines will remain the same.


Finally, Vigneault addressed JT Miller, who was once again assigned to Hartford yesterday, saying that the 21-year old forward needs to figure it out and show more commitment on and off the ice. The Rangers head coach added that if Miller doesn’t, he’ll become nothing more than a very good AHL player.

…damn!!!!! Shots fired. If true, and I don’t see any reason why it’s not, that’s a terrible job by Miller. As a young guy trying to break into the NHL you need to provide maximum effort in everything you do. From practice to the weight room to video sessions, he needs to be 100% committed in all these aspects, including being responsible away from the rink. If this isn’t the case, then I’m more than fine with him wallowing in the AHL until the light bulb goes off. Let’s just hope it won’t be too late. 

…now having said that, one of the knocks on AV during the Rangers coaching search this summer was his unfair treatment of young players in Vancouver. So there’s a chance this could be more of the same from AV, but Miller has looked lost defensively at times and obviously I have no idea of his mentality off the ice.

…either way, Miller has to change the perception of him from his head coach if he ever wants a chance at really contributing as a member of the New York Rangers.


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