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Maybe Power Play Sucking Isn’t Such A Bad Thing

For the last two weeks we have bemoaned one of the worst power play stretches in NHL history as the Rangers are currently riding an 0-for-34 streak. But apparently this isn’t as bad of news as you might think…

…call the Mayor’s Office and book the Canyon of Heroes because the Stanley Cup is coming back to New York!!!!!!

Meanwhile, back in reality, Derrick Brassard discusses where things all went wrong with the extra man (via Bergen Record)…

“Sometimes things are going to go well for you and sometimes the execution is not going to be there. Right now, I think it’s in our head. Obviously, it could win some hockey games for your team. Right now, we’re struggling and the only way we’re going to come out of that is to keep it simple and work hard and make sure we don’t get out-competed from the penalty kill. So, tonight I think it’s going to be one of the keys to get back in the series.

“Every time the power play is struggling, it’s obviously the power play’s fault because you have more players on the ice,” Brassard added. “You need to find a way to create some offense. The Flyers really came hard at us and kind of shook our confidence a little bit. Now, it’s in our head and as soon as we’re going to score the first goal I think everything is going to get back where it was before.”

…it’s amazing how important confidence is to a pro athlete. When you’re feeling good about yourself and what you’re doing, everything’s instinctive. Passes are crisp. Skating is smooth. No thinking, just doing. But when you start doubting your talents your game suffers. You begin over-thinking things instead of just reacting. Once that happens, even the simplest acts such as moving the puck on the power play becomes a struggle.

…so while we’re all racking our brains with ways to improve the power play the biggest key is confidence. I felt like Game 3 was a start as they got tons of pucks towards the net. Now they need a little puck luck. A deflection, a good bounce. Anything to find the back of the net on the power play. Once they do, I can guarantee you they’ll have a little bounce to their step and the next extra man will be the best we’ve seen in months.

…although, with the stats Kenny Albert laid out for us, why the hell would we want the power play to improve?


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