Marc Staal? A Villain?

Just when you thought Pierre McGuire had cornered the market on Sidney Crosby “man love,” here comes Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review to take it to a whole new level.

Kovacevic took an ordinary goalmouth battle between the Penguins captain and Marc Staal and turned it into an indictment of the NHL’s refusal to cleanup head shots with the Rangers defenseman playing the part of Dr. Evil.

Here’s the play in question…


A penalty? Probably. Careless with his stick? Sure. But a dangerous assault aimed to maim the best player in the NHL?…

Apparently not to Kovacevic who described the cross-check like this…

“Both were committed with the stick, essentially a weapon.

Both were aimed at the most dangerous part of the body to strike.

Both were blindside.

Both were cowardly.”

He then went on to call Staal “a villain.”

And Kovacevic wasn’t the only Tribune reporter coming to poor Cindy’s aid last night, as Josh Yoche likened it to the Adam Graves slash that broke Mario Lemieux’s wrist in 1992. Seriously?

I mean listen, we talkin’ bout a cross check. Not a two handed chop, not an elbow to the chin, not a spear. We talkin’ bout a crosscheck.

Apparently, these Penguin homers disguised as newspaper reporters don’t have a problem with possible paralysis inducing crosschecks from behind just feet from the end boards as somehow this play by Brian Gibbons last night wasn’t cowardly enough for their finger strokes…


Instead Kovacevic decides to attack a defensman who not only has a mere 254 penalty minutes in 460 regular season games, but has also gone through the anguish and torture of his own head injury.

So blinded by his black and gold tinted glasses, instead of praising Staal’s resilience for returning from a career threatening eye injury, Kovacevic decides to frame the second oldest Staal brother as the second coming of Matt Cook. Hey Kovacevic, you know Matt Cooke. The guy you defended after he nearly ended Erik Karlsson’s season with a kick to the Achilles last year (via Pittsburgh Trib)…

“No one directly accuses Matt Cooke of anything other than being Matt Cooke.

As if that’s somehow a case.

As if sifting through Cooke’s ugly, five-suspension past – and ignoring the universally lauded change to his game the past two seasons – somehow fully prosecutes a single play in the present.”

Yes, apparently Kovacevic has no problems defending a guy who does this…

And this…

But when someone touches his precious Crosby, that’s where it crosses the line. Hysterical.


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