Lundqvist’s Ailing Shoulder & Water Bottle Fine

This time of year everyone is dealing with bumps and bruises of one kind or another. However, when your franchise goaltender is wincing in pain after post game hand shakes (H/T reader amandawells) and needs mid-game rub downs for an ailing shoulder in Game 6, it does give you a moment of pause…



However, if Lundqvist’s shoulder is a problem, he’s not letting it impact his play as he’s allowed just two combined goals the last two games while stopping 67 of the 69 shots against.

Here’s Lundqvist on the shoulder (via Journal News)…

“It’s something I’ve been dealing with for weeks,” said Lundqvist. “It’s nothing new. I tweaked it a little bit, but it’ll be fine.

“At this time of the year, I don’t think I’ve ever felt 100 percent. Ever. You always have something going on because you play a lot. Everybody feels the same way. I’ll get some treatment and I’ll be fine.”

…i’ve go to admit, I’m shocked to see Lundqvist so willing to discuss this injury. You never want to give your opponent an edge, especially in a Game 7. If I’m Bylsma, I definitely make sure my team is aware of the shoulder issue and have them shooting blocker side, making him play the puck as well as trying to bump him as much as possible.

…before the playoffs began, Lundqvist declared that he had nothing to prove in the playoffs. While his ridiculous elimination game (9-2 in last 11 games) and Game 7 (4-0 in last four) numbers solidify him as a clutch postseason performer, but to me he needs this win tonight to finally demonstrate that he’s able to get an inferior Rangers team past a superior opponent.

Meanwhile, Lundqvist’s water bottle antics have left him a little light in the wallet as the NHL has fined him $5,000 for squirting Sidney Crosby at the end of the second period Sunday night.


So Hank what did you think of the fine? (via reader Ken D.)…


Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins was also recently fined for a water bottle incident in his series against the Canadiens. Thornton was only forced to pay $2,820.52 as the fine is determined by a percentage of salary.

The NHL did not issue any fines or suspensions for Crosby who not only slew footed Dan Girardi in Game 6, but also speared Dominic Moore in the groin.

…so let me get this straight, spraying someone with a water bottle is more dangerous than a slew foot or spear. Only in Bettman’s NHL?

…in the NHL’s defense, the water did land above the shoulders making it a blatant head shot.

…although, correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t Crosby’s spear to D. Moore’s groin technically be considered a “head” shot also?

Friend of the blog Kerri has set-up a donation page to pay Lundqvist’s fine by donating $5000 to the Garden of Dreams Foundation in his honor. Click here to donate.


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