Lundqvist’s New Olympic Pads

Yesterday, it was his new Olympic mask, and today it's the equipment

…i hope you guys don't get bored with the Lundqvist equipment posts. I know I mention it all the time, but being a former goaltender I'm always fascinated when he unveils something new.

…the only thing I'm hoping these pads help Lundqvist do is stay healthy.

Speaking of Lundqvist and the Olympics, the Swedish netminder says he will not bring his family with him to the Olympics becuase of security concerns in Sochi (via New York Post)…

“It is a few different things,” Lundqvist said. “Security is one of them, but I don’t know how things are going to be set up for families over there.

“So I’m not going to have anyone there with me. I think it is better that way.”

…i'm no security expert, but from all the reports coming out of Russia, I wouldn't go to the Olympics if someone paid for my entire trip. So, I completely agree with Lundqvist's decision here.

…can only hope and pray nothing happens.

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