Lundqvist Fine After Twisting Back

With about three minutes remaining in the game last night, Henrik Lundqvist pulling up after making a save.

Afterward he could be seen flexing his back, but was able to finish the game.

During his post game interview he told the press he was fine and it was "just a little thing"…

…while it seems as though everything is fine, an injury would be the last thing Lundqvist needed now that he's finally found his game.

…i've seen some debate recently about possibly trading Talbot, but the scare we received last night, is exhibit #1 as to why you can't trade him. If Talbot is shipped out for some scoring and Lundqvist goes down, the season is over. However, if Talbot was thrust into extended action, I'd remain confident in the Rangers ability to not only get into the playoffs, but to also make a run.

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