Chris Kreider Ice Bucket

Let’s Watch Chris Kreider Get Drenched With A Bucket Of Ice

The NHL offseason means a bunch of bored professional players do absurd and goofy things and a bunch of bored hockey writer post about them. Chris Kreider was summoned to complete something called the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in which he gets drenched with stupidly cold water and ice. Somehow, this is supposed to raise awareness for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. I don’t really see the connection but I suppose if it causes some people to learn more about it then it can only help.

Kreider followed through.


You have to admire Kreider’s professionalism here. He did not even flinch and went straight into his final thoughts without breaking character. He also showed tremendous leadership in calling out two teammates, implying that he’s ready to step up and challenge the locker room to elevate their games to a higher level. I’m sure Alain Vigneault and the rest of the coaching staff will take a hard look at this video and weigh the pros and cons when trying to determine next season’s lines as well as who might be the next captain. On the downside, the bucket pour was mediocre at best, as it appears that Kreider only received a partial hit to the head. We’ll see if NHL Player Safety considers the head to be the principle point of contact in the dumping of the bucket, and what consequences might come of it.

John and Dominic Moore have been put on the spot, so this is likely not the end of our cold journey. We’ll keep you updated with all important ice bucket updates involving the Rangers.


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