Let’s Watch Ryan McDonagh Drill an Islanders Fan In The Groin

Ryan McDonagh and Derek Stepan both appeared on Fox Sports 1's Crowd Goes Wild yesterday, discussing the Stadium Series, the Del Zotto trade, and John Tortorella, among other things. It was especially fun watching McDonagh try to keep a straight face while Regis Philbin asked him questions despite clearly knowing nothing about hockey. You can watch that here. The truly entertaining part, however, came in the finals minutes of the show, as Stepan and McDonagh were asked to shoot at targets placed around an Islanders fan. Stepan appeared to be focused on hitting as many targets as possible, though he did throw a high-rising fastball towards the end. McDonagh, however, appeared to be aiming for a different target.

Do you think they planned similar outfits? Or did their mommies fly in from Minnesota and force them to match? 

As an aside, I'm going to give a shoutout to Crowd Goes Wild in general. It's possibly my favorite sports show on TV, largely because it's the antithesis of everything you find on ESPN. Compared to garbage like First Take where Skip Bayless literally thinks he's doing important investigative journalism while debating what color Tim Tebow should paint his house, the show doesn't take itself or sports seriously at all. Instead, it has former tennis pro and now comedian Michael Kosta dedicate an entire segment to punting and other stupid, ironic stuff like that. Even in all this chaos and stupor, they still manage to do a better job covering hockey than ESPN does. So yeah. Watch it. 


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