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Kreider/Rangers Likely Headed to Arbitration

Despite being less than $1 million per year apart on a new contract, Larry Brooks at the New York Post reports that Chris Kreider and the Rangers seem likely headed to arbitration tomorrow morning.

Brooks adds that while both sides have shown a willingness to compromise, each also has a bottom-line number off which it has not been willing to move.

According to Brooks, the Rangers have proposed a deal worth an average of $2.05 million per ($1.9M this year and $2.2M for 2015-16) while Kreider’s proposal is for $2.8 million per.

Kreider would become the first Ranger to go to an arbitration hearing since Nikolai Zherdev in 2009. The Rangers walked away from that award, however, they’re not likely to do the same in this case.

Andrew Gross at Bergen Record has more here.

…you have got to be kidding me. It makes zero sense for these two sides not to meet in the middle when that’s exactly what’s going to happen in arbitration tomorrow. What makes matters worse is that the Rangers are basically going to be bad mouthing Kreider in front of his face during the hearing which potentially could cause friction between the player and the organization going forward. This is so insane.

…the one thing to remember is that either way, Kreider will be re-signed, unless Sather completely loses his mind and walks away from the arbitrator’s award.


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