Vancouver Canucks v New York Rangers

Kreider Stick Handling & Doing Soft Shooting

A day after I prognosticated that Chris Kreider (left hand) might not be available for a second round match-up against the Penguins if the Rangers are lucky enough to advance tonight, Pat Leonard at the Daily News reports that the 23-year old forward was handling a puck and even taking a few soft shots on goal alone on the Garden ice this afternoon.

Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record added that Kreider’s shots were softer than soft.

According to this pic from reader Jeff Hu on Sunday, Kreider is still wearing a soft cast…


…listen, progress is always good, but it doesn’t sound like he was even close to doing shooting drills. More like just soft tossing pucks on net.

…i still maintain that if the Rangers are in the second round he likely won’t make an appearance unless the series goes long.

…Kreider was far from being a dominant player this season, but his presence was sorely missed last night as his explosiveness could have made a difference when the Rangers sagged.


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