2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Two

Kings 5, Rangers 4, OT

The New York Rangers lost to the Los Angeles Kings by the score of 5-4 in overtime in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final. The Kings lead the series 2-0. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…i couldn’t be more proud of this Rangers team. They literally left it all out on the ice last night and it’s an absolute privilege to be a fan of this team. That is an effort none of us thought this Rangers team was capable of earlier in the season and it’s a shame they weren’t rewarded for it last night. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but their performance last night had a lot of pundits who thought they didn’t have a chance in this series eating crow. But alas, the Rangers still find themselves down 2-0.

….yes, I know this was the second straight game they blew a two goal lead (actually they blew three of them last night), but if the officiating was semi-competent, this series would be even at 1-1.

…not everyone was playing to their optimum ability as Richards may have had his worst game in a Rangers uniform and Rick Nash was, well, Rick Nash, but collectively the Rangers played well enough to win and the refs ripped it out of their grasp.

…i really don’t even know what to say


…King skates into the crease on his own and bumps Lundqvist. Seems cut and dry to me. What makes it all  the more enraging is that Pouliot was called for a penalty on the same exact play earlier in the game. You never like to blame the refs, especially in a game you blow three two-goal leads, but that non-call changed the momentum of the game the way the Stepan giveaway did in Game 1.

…having said that, for the second straight game the Rangers had a breakaway to end it and they came up short…


…and I hate to pin anything on Kreider as he was in beast mode last night.

…assuming no one hates Girardi today. Unbelievable game from him after his devastating gaffe in Game 1. Not many people are mentally strong enough to put an incident like that behind them.

…i really felt from top to bottom it was a tremendous effort last night. There’s no way I thought they were going to lose that game. Easily one of the most heart breaking losses I’ve experienced as a Rangers fan. But that’s what happens when your team goes further and further in the post season. The loses become that much more unbearable.

…too hungover depressed to do a full breakdown, so I’ll leave you with this…despite the 0-2 hole the Rangers are very much still alive. Anyone who doesn’t feel this team has a legit chance of tying this series up, hasn’t watched the first two games. The Rangers have proven to be resilient all season and this will be their greatest test. 

…off tomorrow, then Game 3 at MSG on Monday night.


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