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Kings 3, Rangers 2, 2OT

The New York Rangers lost the Los Angeles Kings by the score of 3-2 in double overtime in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. The Kings won the series 4-1. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…just devastated right now. I was real anxious before the game because I felt tonight would decide the Stanley Cup. Obviously if the Kings won it’d be over, but I truly felt that if the Rangers could somehow get the series back to MSG for a Game 6 they’d be raising the Cup next Wednesday.

…when you sit back on a lead you allow for the possibility of calls and bounces going against you. The Rangers never went for the jugular in the series and they paid for it with blown leads in three of the five games.

…having said that, what an eff’n overtime, I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced that much emotion watching a sporting event. End to end action, pipes, amazing saves. It had it all. It was pure theatre that unfortunately ended in tragedy for Rangers fans.

…Lundqvist was a man among boys this postseason and I look forward to the day we get to celebrate the raising of his #30 to the rafters of MSG. I can’t even imagine the dejection he’s going through right now. This post game pic says it all.


…i’ve directed a ton of venom towards Nash this postseason, but I actually felt bad for him after Voynov was somehow able to get enough of his shot to deflect the puck off the pipe of an absolutely wide open net in double overtime. I’ve never seen anyone as snake bit as he was this postseason. It almost wasn’t fair…


…i guess we know what Kreider needs to work on this off-season…


…this series may have ended 4-1 in favor of the Kings, but it could have easily been 4-1 the other way. Amazing what a fine line it is when competing for the Stanley Cup. Makes it all the more excruciating to take right now.

…the Rangers better re-sign Zuccarello on the plane ride back to New York.

…if that was Brad Richards’ last game in a Rangers uniform, he can leave holding his head high. Gutty performance from a guy who was obviously playing on fumes. Say what you will about the guy, but his leadership will be missed in the locker room.



…it’s unfair that Sather is likely going to have to make a decision between Dom Moore and Boyle this summer. I’d kill to have both back, but they’re going to have stupid money thrown at them in free agency.


…i thought AV had a rough series. Between the team getting conservative with leads and all the power play futility, I don’t think he was quick enough to make the proper adjustments. He did, however, make a lot of Rangers fans eat crow this year as he took this team further than anyone could have imagined when he was hired last offseason. Anyone still want Messier to coach this team? His calming presence and stoic nature was perfect for dealing the tons of adversity the Rangers experienced this season.

…all year long, the power play and not finishing was the team’s Achilles Heel and you can point to those failings in the Final as the reason the Rangers aren’t Stanley Cup champions. 

…what an emotional journey for St. Louis. He was as advertised and I’m looking forward to him stepping up to take a larger leadership role with the team next season.

…the inconsistencies of the officiating was disgusting this postseason and needs to be addressed by the league. The refs should never play as big of a role as they did in this Stanley Cup Final.

…double ugh…


…oh yeah, congrats to the Kings. At the end of the day, they were the better team. The Rangers looked so much more exhausted as the series wore on because of the Kings size and physical nature. Not having fresh legs was a likely a big reason the Rangers weren’t able to utilize their skating ability late in games.

…Girardi’s game literally bottomed out tonight as I was almost hoping AV gave him the Bickel treatment. Have to assume he’s either injured or completely beat-up from a long season of blocking shots and matching up against the opponent’s top players.

…while I’d love to see the Rangers re-sign all their free agents, we’re talking about Glen Sather here, so I have no idea what to expect from him this offseason.

…i’ll end with this, I’m ridiculously proud of this Rangers team which seemed destined for a lotto pick not the Stanley Cup Final back in November. I’m just real sad this run is over as it’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege to share it with each and everyone of you guys and gals. I say it all the time, but this blog is nothing without its readers and I want to thank you for making every day at The New York Rangers Blog an amazing experience.

…i’m going to take the weekend off to catch-up on all the sleep I’ve been deprived of the last two months, but I’ll put a bow on the season hopefully on Monday.


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