Karma’s A Bitch

It’s no secret that the officiating has been awful, not only towards the Rangers, but the entire NHL this postseason.

From quick whistles to embellishment penalties to missed goaltender interference, we Rangers fans have seen it all in just eight playoff games.

Whelp, the Hockey Gods gave us a brief moment of levity last night as we were treated to this…


Hopefully that fall knocked some sense into him.

I remember the days when you had to stab an opponent with your skate before you’d get a penalty in playoffs. Now, the players can’t even give an opposing goaltender a snow shower without getting sent to the sin bin.

I know the NHL is looking to attract the non-traditional hockey fan through increased offense by handing out power plays like it’s candy on Halloween. But it’s the playoffs. It’s perfect the way it is. So, stop destroying the flow of games with ticky-tac holding penalties and let them play. You’re ruining the game for the people who actually care.


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