John Moore Could Sign for $850K Per; Brassard Negotiating For Long Term Deal

While we all wait for the outcome of the Chris Kreider arbitration hearing this morning (decision must be announced within 48-hours of the hearing), Larry Brooks at the New York Post gives us some insight into the contract negotiations for the one Rangers RFA who doesn’t have arbitration rights…John Moore.

According to Brooks, the 23-year old Moore will likely sign a contract that’s worth close to his qualifying offer of $850,500. A few weeks ago, Brooks speculated that Moore would sign a two-year bridge deal in the $1.1 million per year range.

After the Mats Zuccarello signing, the Rangers have around $9.5 million cap space available.

Brooks adds that Derrick Brassard is continuing to negotiate for a long term deal in advance of his arbitration hearing on Monday, July 28th.

Brassard is reportedly looking for $5.5 million per year.

…if Sather is able to get Moore to sign for $850K per that would be a coup, especially when, as I mentioned earlier in the month, Columbus just re-signed their 23-year old RFA defenseman David Savard to a two-year, $1.3 million per contract. Moore and Savard both finished last season with identical 15 points, however, the Rangers defenseman did so while playing a minute and a half less per game and actually generated a greater amount offensive chances as he put 52 more shots on goal than his Columbus counterpart during the regular season.

…Brassard should be ashamed of himself asking for $5.5M per when Zuccarello is signing a very cap friendly one-year, $3.5M deal. I’d be more than excited to get Brassard for three-years, $4.5M per. 

…if the Moore situation plays out as Brooks predicts, along with Kreider possibly getting a $2.5M deal in arbitration and Brassard potentially agreeing to a $4.5M contract, the Rangers will be left with around $1.6M in cap space. Can you say “#CarcilloEffect for $800K, Pat?”


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