Islanders 5, Rangers 3

Vanek's PP goal lifts Islanders over Rangers

The New York Rangers (27-22-3) lost to the New York Islanders (21-24-7) by the score of 5-3, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…i have one word to describe tonight's game: Meh. Even at 2-0 and 3-1, I never felt comfortable as the Islanders were dominating puck possession, so I'm not surprised they ended up giving up the lead. While I'd rather have a cavity filled than lose to the Islanders, I'm not going to kill the Blueshirts. They've been too good for too long not to think they might be due for a stinker.

…one thing I was encouraged by tonight, was that although the Rangers were being badly outplayed the entire game, the contest was still in doubt with five minutes to go. A month and a half ago that game was over by the end of the first period. That's what happens when your best offensive player is at his best and the power play is scoring goals.

…how appropriate was it that Girardi flubbed that final opportunity at the blueline? Man, was he bad tonight.

…he wasn't the only one on the blueline either as Del Zotto looked as lost as he's ever been and even Staal made a terrible read on the McDonald goal.

…i love Kreider, but he takes some pretty dumb penalties sometimes. Although, I got to thank him for keeping me from looking worse than I already have by stealing Stepan's goal.

…man that Tavares guy is going to win a few Stanley Cups once his contract is over with the Islanders and he can sign with a real organization.

…i didn't think Talbot was at fault for any of the goals, but let's just hope what kept Lundqvist out of the game was really an illness and not what we all hope it's not.

…so this is the Nash Blue Jacket fans were so upset about losing. Going to throw something crazy at you guys. My one concern with Nash going on a run like this is that his teammates will start relying on him too much instead of continuing to do what's made them so successful the last month. Something to keep an eye on.

…Boomer Esiason is so not letting Matt Martin take his daughter out on a date tonight.

…not much offensively for Zuccarello, but still impressed with him getting in Grabner's face for taking a shot on Talbot after the whistle. #therightway

…the good news: Callahan had seven hits. The bad: he had zero shots on goal.

…apparently the "Carcillo Effect" didn't get the memo that he's supposed to start some kind of fracas in his first Rangers/Islanders game.

…what made me so angry about the losses earlier this season is that it came down to effort. Tonight the culprit was mental errors, which I can deal with. It's impossible to think that an NHL team is going to have peak focus for 82-games. Especially, playing their third game in four nights. When I will start getting upset about mental gaffes is when they become more consistent. Let's hope tomorrow's practice will allow them to re-focus and get ready for a St. Louis Blues team who's going to come into MSG on Thursday night with a bad taste in their mouth after being trashed by the Devils tonight by the score of 7-1.


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Islanders 5, Rangers 3

Isles score 2 short-handed in win over Rangers

The New York Rangers (16-18-2) lost to the New York Islanders (10-19-7) by the score of 5-3, last night. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…easily one of the most bizarre games I've seen. The first period alone was an emotional swing of epic proportions. But the bottom line is the Rangers cannot lose to an Islanders team who had one regulation win in their last 18 games coming in. Please let this be rock bottom because I don't think I can take anymore.

…while I almost lost my mind with the penalty shot call on McDonagh, what really got me upset was AV's lack of response. He just sat there with a dumb look on his face trying to get the refs attention. After Clutterbuck scored (c'mon Hank you're better than that), AV should have lost his mind. Sticks should have been thrown on the ice. Water bottles hurtled towards center ice. Brad Richards helmet punted into the crowd. The Rangers have been void of any emotion this season and AV missed a perfect opportunity to finally show his players and the Rangers fans he actually does have some passion.

…having said that, I was impressed with the Rangers ability to storm back from a two goal deficit for the second straight game. I know they've ultimately lost both of them, but at least there's some kind of fight in this team. Hey, I'm looking for anything.

…sure, it was great to see Stepan get on the scoreboard as well as Poopsalot continue his resurgence, but until Nash and Lundqvist get their heads out of their asses the Rangers are going nowhere.

…assuming this is all JT Miller's fault, so expect him to be send back to Hartford today. 

…on the surface, two power play goals looks pretty good. Too bad they also gave up two short-handed and came up empty on three other attempts.

…good to see Lundqvist take another snow shower with no response. Nope, the Rangers don't need McIlrath. I mean, no fights in a Rangers/Islanders game? Fishsticks have numerous willing combatants, the Rangers? Zero.

…i have to wonder if AV's new system is Girardi's cryptonite, because he has officially lost all his powers. ZERO blocked shots last night to go along with two brutal turnovers. His regression this season is mind blowing.

…Rangers playing a bad team, while Hank is banged up after being run into last game. Why exactly didn't Talbot get the start?

…doesn't get uglier than 1-4-2 in the first seven games of a nine game homestand. Maybe the Rangers should petition the NHL to change the final two games to road contests.

…Dorsett is easily the only player with any b@lls on this team and he would have been considered soft on the 2011-12 Rangers.

…i think it might be officially time to lower our expectations of this Rangers team. Nash is no longer elite, so maybe we should stop expecting elite plays. Lundqvist is now on the downside of his career, so maybe we should stop expecting him to steal games. Girardi and Callahan's bodies have taken beatings the last five years, so maybe we should stop expecting them to play a tough, physical brand of hockey. I'm pretty much going into games for the remainder of the season with the mindset of expecting to lose so I'm not continuously disappointed by this team.

…next loss game is Sunday against the Wild.


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