Is This Henrik Lundqvist’s Yankee Stadium Mask?

Before yesterday's Winter Classic, goaltending mask artist extraordinaire David Gunnarsson, who creates designs for both Henrik Lundqvist and Cam Talbot, had a display setup in one of the hospitality tents outside the Big House and it looks like Henrik Lundqvist's Yankee Stadium mask was on full display (via Puck Daddy, H/T reader Adrian A.)…

…beyond the fact that it's pinstriped, says Stadium Series on it and includes such Yankee legends as Ruth, DiMaggio and Gehrig, it also has some Lundqvist trademarks including the crown design on the forehead as well as his Crown Collection logo on the chin. Man, I wish we could have gotten a glimpse of the other side.

…i guess this could be a promotional mask, but I think there's way too much Lundqvist theme for it to be anything but his mask.

…i also wonder if the pinstripes on the mask are a clue that he'll be wearing the pinstriped pads I posted in November

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