Initial Diagnosis: McDonagh Injury Not Serious

Steve Zipay at Newsday reports that Ryan McDonagh left Rogers Arena last night with his left shoulder in a sling, however, a team’s spokeman said that the initial diagnosis was “not serious”.

Alain Vigneault told Zipay that McDonagh will accompany the team to Colorado for their contest against the Avalanche tomorrow night.

With 44 seconds remaining in the game Alex Burrows did this to the Rangers stud defenseman…

Burrows was given a five-minute elbowing penalty and a game misconduct.

…at least initially this encouraging news. Even if he only misses a few games, that’s a huge relief because originally it looked like McD might be lost for the remainder of the year. I literally saw the season flash in front of my eyes when he went down.

…as far as discipline for Burrows, since the Rangers decided not to take things into their own hands, they’ll have to wait for Shanahan’s wheel of judgement, which we all know is usually stacked up against the Rangers.

…i’m still baffled this morning that McDonagh’s teammates didn’t come to his aid either initially or on the next shift. With just 44 seconds remaining and the Rangers up two goals what’s the downside? You send a message while standing up for teammate without worry of giving the Canucks a power play. If someone gave me a cheap shot walking down the street, I’d hope one of my friends would have my back. And yes, I know that fighting Burrows doesn’t stop McD from being injured, but neither does a suspension. Do you also think he shouldn’t be suspended?


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