If Rangers Can’t Re-sign Callahan By Trade Deadline They May Not Deal Him

Bruce Garrioch at the Ottawa Sun feels if the Rangers can’t get Ryan Callahan signed by the trade deadline, it’s doubtful he’ll be dealt. He adds that the Rangers could then add forward depth through a trade by using draft picks.

…beyond Garrioch's spotty track record, this is contrary to every report out there that Sather WILL move Callahan if he's not re-signed by the deadline. However, I did want to post this because I've seen more than a few Rangers fans agree with this line of thinking.

…not sure I agree because it's a huge risk. Sure you get to keep Callahan for what hopefully will be a successful playoff run, which Sather can then use to influence his gritty forward into lowering his demands to remain captain of a winning original six franchise this offseason. However, if the Rangers fall short of the postseason and Callahan bolts for greener pastures this summer, the Blueshirts will be left standing at the alter with their d*ck in their hand.

…now those in favor of this strategy say the latter scenario isn't as much of a negative as we might think, because the Rangers still didn't cave to Callahan's obscene demands, plus Sather will have the additional cap space to bring in a true number one center (sign or trade) this summer.

Garrioch also adds in his article that the reason Callahan is demanding a seven-year deal worth $6.75 million per season is he knows he can get it in the offseason from the Sabres.

The Rangers are reportedly willing to offer Callahan six-years at $6 million per season.

…if that's the case, I hope Callahan enjoys losing. Hey, at least he'll be surrounded by family.

…i really hate to be sarcastic and hateful towards Callahan because he has bled blue from the first moment he stepped on the MSG ice as rookie and I completely get this is a business and he's just trying to provide for his family. But I have no patience for someone who is turning down an insane amount of money to remain the captain of the NEW YORK RANGERS because an inferior team could offer him slightly more. If that's not the epitome of greed, I'm not sure what is.

Despite Garrioch's report, Alain Vigneault remained positive before yesterday's loss to the Flyers that both side will come to an agreement…

"Ryan's the captain of this team; you guys all know what he brings to this team on a daily basis. So Dan got done, I've always said I'm optimistic and positive, and I'm positive and optimistic that this is going to get done . . . I hope. If I were a betting man, I'd bet it's going to get done."

…hard to get a read on what a comment like this means, but you'd think if AV would throw himself out there like that he must know something.

…i still have no idea what will ultimately happen, but I'm holding strong to my prediction that Callahan gets re-signed.

Finally, for those of you interested in the Rangers obtaining Ryan Kesler apparently the Penguins are very interested in the Canucks center, even offering center Brandon Sutter, defenseman Derrick Pouliot and likely a pick.

…it just baffles my mind that somehow a team which employs Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Neal and Kunitz has the cap space to bring in Iginla and Morrow last year and now possibly Kesler this season. Eff'n Sather.

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