I Feel Like I’ve Been Dumped

I think it’s safe to say it’s been a rough week for Rangers fans. When Alec Martinez buried the Stanley Cup clinching double overtime goal along with the Blueshirts Friday night, I was in a state of shock. That feeling pretty much continued through Saturday. Father’s Day day gave me a much needed distraction, but Monday is when the real depression started to set in.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch any of the break-up day video or read any of the players’ quotes. It was an all too real reminder that the Rangers amazing run to the Stanley Cup Final was over and nothing I do could bring it back.

Monday night, when I sat in front of my computer the way I had every night since I created The New York Rangers Blog to express my inner thoughts on the team I’ve lived and died with my entire life, I couldn’t do it. The Rangers were supposed to be playing Game 6, instead they were cleaning out their lockers. My heart hurt. My stomach was in knots. I just wanted to climb into bed and not get out. It was a feeling I hadn’t experienced since I was dumped by my girlfriend in 10th grade.

Thankfully for you guys, Adam has been able to rise above the misery and pump-out some great off-season content, because without him you’d basically only be reading about the Rangers assistant coaches interviewing for head coaching positions as that’s all I’ve been able bring myself to do.

No Alain Vigneault discussing the Rangers off-season plan to replicate the Kings blueprint of filling in roster holes with youth…

No Anton Stralman, Dominic Moore and Beniot Pouliot being very nondescript about their futures with the Rangers….

And definitely no Henrik Lundqvist looking as despondent as I am…

I’ve attempted to find “another woman” to help me get over my yearning for more Rangers playoff hockey, but unfortunately the Mets remain an embarrassment of epic proportions and soccer is well….soccer.

As the week has gone on, the pain of losing this amazing season has begun to dissipate, but it still remains. Thoughts of Lundqvist making yet another save, Marty St. Louis rising above the loss of his mother to score another clutch goal and Ryan McDonagh dominating defensively continue to dance in my head. Hell, I even miss criticizing Rick Nash for again coming up short in a big spot…

As with any tough break-up, I know the pain will be less and less every day until all that is left are great memories. I’m hopeful that day comes sooner rather than later for me. What I can promise you is this, starting on Monday, I’ll be back in full force ready to pump out the same kick ass content you’ve come to expect from me and The New York Rangers Blog.

In the meanwhile, in an effort to expedite the recovery process, I’m going to watch this epic pep talk from the movie “Swingers” on loop the entire weekend until I start to feel better…

October can’t get here soon enough.


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