Hanging Around, Hanging Around

It was only one win, but the Rangers Game 4 victory has allowed them to hang around a little bit longer. This must be the Rangers mindset going forward. Just continue to hang around, because if they do, eventually they’ll flop the nut straight…

Similar to Mike McDermott, this Rangers team has shown all season that they’ve got alligator blood. They proved it when they overcame the disastrous start to the season. Again, when they traded away their captain. And finally when rallying back from a 3-1 deficit to the Penguins in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Here’s Derick Brassard yesterday (via Bergen Record)…

“We have nothing to lose. I think it’s pretty easy to play when you feel like that. We’re just going to try to steal a game. We just want to go back to the Garden for Game 6, and if we do everything can happen.”

Let’s just hope that fast and loose attitude will be enough to keep the Rangers “hanging around” for the next five days. I have a sneaking suspicion that if the Blueshirts can find a way to get this series back to MSG for a Game 6, we’ll begin to see the Kings collapse under the pressure of possibly being the first team since 1942 to blow a 3-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals.

This season and postseason has come up aces for the Rangers and their fans. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to get busted up just yet.


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