Hagelin Injured as Sweden Goes to 3-0; Oshie, McD Lead USA to Win Over Russia (Update)

Update, 4:00 p.m.:
According to Swedish website Aftonbladet (H/T reader Jessiman), Hagelin left the game for precautionary reasons and the injury, which was not specified, is not considered serious.

Original Post:
Good news, bad news for Rangers fans today as Henrik Lundqvist backstopped Sweden to a 5-3 win over Latvia improving their record to 3-0 to start the Olympics, unfortunately it came at a price, as a day after being forced to leave the victory against Switzerland because of a stick to the face, Carl Hagelin again went to the locker room with an apparent injury.

No details were given other than he wasn't able to return to the game.

…obviously, this is the nightmare for any team with participants in the Olympics. Just have to hope it's nothing serious, but with the way Swedish players have been dropping like flies, I'm a little concerned.

I also heard there was another contest this morning. I think it was Team USA vs. Russia, but I'm not sure. Something about some guy named Oshie doing this!!!!!:

For Oshie's entire shootout results, click here.

Here's Ryan McDonagh on Oshie (via USA Today)…

"I've never seen anything quite like that. I never knew he had that in his repertoire, all of those moves."

…first to the game. Gary Bettman should be fired on the spot if he decides that NHL players aren't allowed to participate in 2018 Olympics. Easily one of the most exciting, skill filled contests I've ever seen. And that was just a preliminary round game! But I guess if Bettman wants to halt world class ice hockey, so his watered down product isn't interrupted…

…Russia probably should have won the game if it wasn't for Radulov (heard Putin asked what room he was staying in after the game) and a beneficial no goal call on the net being knocked off the mooring by Quick (assuming at least one of those refs goes missing tonight). But give Team USA all the credit in the world for hanging in there and playing a very physical game with the Russian's top players.

…to the shootout. While that was some show Oshie put on, I'd much rather see the NHL rules for the shootout (every player gets a chance before duplicating a shooter). Hockey is a team game and shouldn't be dependent on one player to get the job done.

…i know he missed the breakaway in OT, but I'm pretty sure I'd trade the entire Rangers team minus Lundqvist and McDonagh for Patrick Kane.

…Stepan might find himself in the Team USA lineup tomorrow against Slovania as Wheeler was benched after a turnover and a penalty on his first shift of the game.

Oshie wasn't the only player who became a household name today as America fell more and more in love with Ryan McDonagh with every blocked shot. Assuming John Tortorella had a big smile on his face during the short-handed sequence in the second period when both McDonagh and Ryan Kesler sold out to block shots.

I also thought Ryan Callahan had more bite to his game. His performance can be summed up by this picture…

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