Get Ready to Hate Subban & Pacioretty

In the previous two series against long time rivals Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, it was pretty easy to figure out who we were going to hate. Before this spring’s matchups, the last names Crosby, Malkin, Hartnell and Girioux had passed through our vocal chords numerous times with the letters “FU” attached to them.

But now that the Rangers will be matched-up against a non-traditional rival in the Canadiens, you maybe wondering who you’ll need to make a voodoo doll for this series. To me the answer is very easy, PK Subban and Max Pacioretty. Not only are they the two best positional players on Montreal, they also play with an agitating style that will drive an opponent as well as their fans insane.

Here’s Subban before Game 7 in Boston…

Then after they won, he unloaded with this (via New York Post)…

“If they hate me, great, hate me. We’ll just keep winning, I’ll keep scoring, and we’ll move on.” 

Pacioretty led the Canadiens in points during the regular season with 60 (39g, 21a), while Subban currently leads the team in playoff points with 12 points (4g, 8a).

They’re also known for doing this…

…i hate these two already after watching those videos.

…these two guys are double threats on the ice. Not only are they game breakers, but they know how to get their opponent off their games with borderline legal plays. They’re going to be two of the best players on the ice during the series and they’ll make sure the Rangers know it.

…similar to the Flyers series, when these two start mixing it up, it’ll be up to the Rangers not to take the bait. They’ll need to get back to a whistle to whistle mentality or Montreal will be spending a large portion of this series on the power play. And with the cannon Subban possesses from the blueline that’s the last thing the Rangers need. Just ask Girardi…


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