Flyers Want to Get Physical With Rangers

While it’s been a revelation watching the Rangers add some much needed grit to their game recently. Their new found secret to success will be put to the test tonight when the Flyers invade MSG looking to set a physical tone (via Philly.com)…

Flyers coach Craig Berube…

“We’ve got to make sure we’re competing hard around the net and getting traffic in front of (Lundqvist) – and getting some dirty goals on him. We’ve got to get pucks in deep and get physical with them and make it a hard game. That’s when we’re a successful team.”

Wayne Simmonds on tonight’s game being a first round preview…

“We’re going to try to set a tone. If we do happen to play them in the playoffs, they’re going to definitely know what the Philadelphia Flyers are bringing to the table.”

…dem sound like fightin’ words from Simmonds. And to be honest, I love it. The Rangers/Flyers rivalry is at the top of the food chain for Blueshirt fans right now in my opinion. Tonight has all the makings of an all out war.

…it’s also going to give us a huge indication if what we’ve witnessed from the Rangers the last few games is a mirage or the real thing. It’s one thing to hang physically with Columbus, but it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame against the Flyers.

…the loss of Kreider really hurts in a game like this as he’s one of the few Rangers who has the ability to play with an edge, which is necessary when you compete against the Flyers. Which is why I think Carcillo likely gets the call tonight over JT Miller. Long term, Miller is the better option, but with the Flyers likely looking to push the Rangers around tonight having some extra protection in the lineup is probably the wiser choice for AV.


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