Drunken Rangers Fans Take Beating in Philly

It’s been over two years since two neanderthal Flyers fans jumped two unsuspecting Rangers fans outside Gino’s Steaks after the Winter Classic in Philadelphia. One of the Blueshirt fans, a Marine who received the Purple Heart for being wounded in action while serving in Iraq, basically had his face broken.

Apparently, a bunch of Rangers fans tried to see if they could take a bigger beating during last night’s Game 6 at the Wells Fargo Center.

According to a personal account given to Deadspin, a group of young drunken Rangers fans sitting in the top tier of Wells Fargo Center were apparently so obnoxious during the game that security was called to remove them. When one of the guys resisted, he bumped into a Flyer spectator and a full on brawl ensued…

…listen, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know if the account of the incident is accurate, but if so, they deserved the beating. If you’re going to enter enemy territory, especially in Philly, and run your mouth this is what’s going to happen. If the Rangers fans were doing nothing but cheering the entire game and supporting the team I’d be having a much different reaction, but when you’re acting like a drunken fool to the point security is attempting to remove you from the game it’s hard for me to find any sympathy for these guys.

…my friends and I used to take Rangers road trips in my younger days, so I know what’s like to be a fan on foreign soil, including in Philly. The home town fans are going to give you crap no matter where you go, but as long as you’re not acting like a complete buffoon while making a spectacle of yourself, you’re probably not going to get jumped by an angry mob.

…now having said all that, I wouldn’t be shocked if these three had a completely different recollection of the story. I’ve read tweets from numerous Rangers fans who have been physically harassed during the three games in Philly during this series. It’s hard for me to completely believe a fan base who’s known for booing Santa Claus and jumping Purple Heart recipients.


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