Flyers 4, Rangers 2

The New York Rangers lost to the Philadelphia Flyers by the score of 4-2 in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, this afternoon. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…doesn’t get more frustrating than that Ranger fans. We all knew the Flyers were going to come with a better effort today and it looked like the Rangers did as well as they jumped out to a quick start, but I’m not sure if they figured the Flyers would fold or what because the Blueshirts intensity sagged big time after taking the 2-0 lead.

…i thought a big momentum change was the Hagelin penalty in the first period. While the Flyers weren’t able to score, it gave them a chance to collect themselves, get the frenzied MSG to quiet down and build some confidence. A few minutes later, Voracek makes it a one goal game after skating around McDonagh, while Girardi just stood there. The Flyers were a different team from that point on.

…the Rangers defense, which did an outstanding job in Game 1 getting to loose pucks and winning puck battles, couldn’t handle the Flyers forecheck which was much more aggressive this afternoon.

…not sure if there’s a fountain of youth in the visitor’s locker room at MSG, but after looking like he was headed to a retirement home in the first period, Emery played the remainder of the game like he was headed to the Hall of Fame.

…before the playoffs, we were afraid that if this series turned into a sh*t show it benefited the Flyers and that’s what happened in the second period with the Rangers seemingly getting caught up in the emotion of the moment, instead of focusing on their strengths.

…which obviously wasn’t helped with the refs calling two phantom “diving” penalties. Seriously, how can they call diving on a guy who was cross checked from behind into the boards? Unconscionable!!!!

…having said all that, despite the Rangers lack of passion and effort in the 2nd and 3rd periods, if their power play was able to take advantage of the Flyers, again, predictable undisciplined play, they still probably win the game.

…got to love that St. Louis finally scores a big goal for the Rangers and of course they lose.

…i get that Nash has had 13 shots in the first two games and I’m sure his fancy stats again looked nice after this one, but the bottom line is he has ONE playoff goal as a member of the Rangers. He needs to find a way to get on the scoring sheet.

…-2 for McDonagh, who, as the Flyers outlined, was targeted physically the entire game.

…of course, after praising AV this morning for rolling four lines, he turns into Tortorella in the third period searching for line combinations. I get that he’s looking for some offense, but this team has proven all season that they’re much better when the lines remain constant.

…remember when the Rangers couldn’t win a playoff game without Lundqvist’s heroics? He’s yet to have an impact in the series. He even forgot how to come off the ice properly for the extra-man.

…assuming those saying Richards shouldn’t be bought out after his three-point Game 1 performance have come back down to earth.

…after the first period, the Rangers gave a pathetic regular season effort, which the Flyers reminded them will not cut it in the playoffs. Just have to hope this is a wake-up call for the Blueshirts, that you can’t ever take your foot off the pedal in the postseason.

…most of us expected this series to at least go at least six games, so it shouldn’t be a shock that the Rangers lost a game, but if they can’t find the gear they played with in Game 1 and the first period today they’ll likely be staring at an elimination game by the time the series returns to MSG for Game 5.


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