Embellishments & Pulling the Goaltender Gaffe Highlight Tough Afternoon for Rangers

It was an all around tough day for the Rangers yesterday, as the Flyers tied the best of seven series at 1-1 with a 4-2 victory.

But there were three plays that highlighted the forgettable afternoon.

The first was a disgraceful “diving” penalty assessed to Mats Zuccarello after he was taken down by Andy McDonald…



…wow. Just wow.

McDonald was issued an obvious interference penalty on the play.

Then just three minutes later Derek Dorsett was assessed his own embellishment penalty after being cross checked from behind into the boards by Wayne Simmonds (sorry no video).

…i’ve seen some Rangers fans agree with the penalty on Dorsett, but I’m puzzled at how you can justify a diving call on a player blindsided with a vicious cross check in the back.

To make matters worse, in the aftermath of the Dorsett/Simmonds penalty, Dominic Moore was somehow issued a matching penalty with Scott Hartnel for apparently being punched in the face…



…that one might actually be the worst of the bunch.

Here’s Alain Vigneault on the embellishment penalties (via Newsday)…

“Does it matter?”

…i couldn’t agree more with AV. Sure, both calls were beyond embarrassing, but they didn’t lose the Rangers the game. The fact that the Rangers were just 1-for-6 on the power play might had a lot more to do with the defeat. So, even if the Rangers were assessed a power play in all three cases, they would have likely squandered them.

And if all the above wasn’t maddening enough, how about the pulling the goaltender gaffe which virtually destroyed any chance the Rangers had of tying the game when they were assessed a too many men on the ice penalty with less than two minutes remaining…



Here’s Henrik Lundqvist on the confusion between him and Brad Richards (via Bergen Record)…

“Obviously we just misread it and I wasn’t sure if I should come or stay on the puck so I was looking at the bench,” Lundqvist said. “Richie was right by the bench and wasn’t even involved in the play, and you’re allowed to have an extra guy on the ice right by the bench if he’s not involved. I was hoping for a different call.”

…if Lundqvist commits to the bench, he needs to keeping coming. Having said that, it’s on Richards to make sure his goaltender gets to the bench before he jumps on the ice.

…this play pretty much summed up the afternoon for the Rangers.


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