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Did Vigneault Endorse McDonagh For Captain?

The feeling around Rangers Nation is that Ryan McDonagh should be the next Rangers captain. And from the sound of things, Alain Vigneault likely agrees…

“He can only get better as a leader on our team, assuming more responsibilities. He’s a great person. He’s got a real even keel to how he goes about himself. I think he’s going to become a real big part of our foundation and our team.”

…if that’s not an endorsement for captain, I don’t know what is. It also sounded like a bit of a challenge as well. Vigneault seems to be saying McDonagh has all the characteristics of a leader, but if he really wants to become the 27th captain in Rangers history he needs to have a bigger presence in the locker room.

…i’d assume McDonagh would likely be more of a Callahan lead by example captain than an in your face Messier type. Although, the Minnesota native does seem like a guy who has the ability to send a message to a teammate through an icy stare when needed.

…with Richards all but certain to be bought out this summer, it would leave the Rangers with an all-defense and not very vocal leadership group with Staal and Girardi rounding out the trio. I wonder if Vigneault would want to mix that up by giving an “A” to maybe Martin St. Louis, who can be much more emotional and fiery. Definitely a bold move to take a letter away from Staal or Girardi, but I think it would give the team’s leadership a better dynamic.

Here’s the rest of Vigneault’s thoughts on McDonagh (00:57 mark)…


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