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Diaz In; Weise Out; Prust Returns From Suspension

As expected Raphael Diaz will replace the suspended John Moore on the left side of Kevin Klein on the third defensive pairing for tonight’s Game 6 at MSG.

This will be Diaz’s first playing time since Game 4 against the Penguins.

Here’s Alain Vigneault on Diaz (via Newsday)…

“Not overly physical, but he’s got good instincts, moves the puck well, can help us on the power play…”

…this isn’t a knock on Moore, but I don’t think the Rangers lose much with Diaz in there. He brings a little more offensive creativity and as Vigneault points out he could help a power play which is now one for their last 12.

…also hoping Diaz plays with a little extra motivation to knock out the team that gave up on him earlier this season.

On the Canadiens side, Dale Weise is out of tonight’s game with a “body injury.” Montreal head coach Michel Therrien insisted that Weise didn’t suffer a concussion on the Moore hit.

…sounds a bit “fishy” to me.

…as reader Gravey94 astutely pointed out in the comments section of my last post, if Dale Weise is out with a “body injury” and not a concussion, doesn’t that mean that the point of contact from Moore must have been to the body and not the head? Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

…actually, the more likely scenario is that Weise did suffer a concussion, but Therrien is trying to side step any controversy because the team doctors allowed him to re-enter Game 5. Sounds like the Canadiens medical staff went to the same medical school as the Rangers’.

Brandon Prust, who is returning from his two game suspension tonight, will likely take Weise’s place in the line-up.

…so what do guys think? Welcome back video on the Jumbotron from the Rangers organization followed by a gift presentation by Stepan then a five minute ovation from the Garden Faithful?

…Rangers better remain focused on the task at hand and not get caught up in Prust’s antagonistic ways.


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