Crosby Showing True Colors

As much as it kills me to give the guy praise, Sidney Crosby is easily the best all around player in the NHL. He’s a perennial Hart Trophy candidate as well as a Stanley Cup and two-time Olympic gold medal winner. At one point, Alex Ovechkin might have been in the conversation, now it’s not even close.

Throughout the history of the NHL, the legends of the game have always been universally respected around the league. From Bobby Hull to Bobby Orr. To Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. As a fan, while you knew your team was in trouble when the great player came to town, you looked forward to getting the chance to see these artists perform their craft at the highest level.

Sadly, this hasn’t been the case for Crosby. Since he dove into the league in 2005, the Penguins captain has been saddled with the well deserved reputation as a whiner and embellisher, who has a propensity for the cheap shot…

Talk to any fan base in the NHL and you’ll find a very negative view towards him. And it’s not because he likely burned them for two goals and an assist the night before. It’s because when he wasn’t embarrassing his opponent with an offensive showcase, he was likely embarrassing himself by spending the entire game in the ref’s ear.

While it’s hard enough to stomach during the regular season, once the playoffs begin Crosby takes that poor sportsmanship and chippiness to a new level.

Whether it’s two years ago against the Flyers, last season vs. the Bruins or now against the Rangers, for reasons beyond comprehension Crosby decides playing the role of Lex Luthor is more beneficial to his team than donning a Superman cape.

One of the most offensively gifted players to ever lace them up, who at a moments notice can change the course of a game by doing this…

Has, once again, reduced himself to a goon more concerned about sending messages through gutless means such as this…


As well as this…


He also seems either unaware or ignorant of his cowardly tactics as he responded with this recollection after being questioned about his spear to Dominic Moore’s nether region last night (via New York Post)…

“I don’t know. … What did you see that I might have [done]? He tied me up on a faceoff. I took a shot? He’s holding my stick.”

As has been proven in the past, when Crosby is predictably goaded into playing “Hanson Brother” hockey, the Penguins ultimately end up losers on the scoreboard.

But more than that. When the most talented player to come along since the “Great One” decides that slew foots and post whistle scrums are more important than dazzling us with his once in a generation talent, then the sport of hockey is the loser in the end.


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