Carolina’s Financial Future Could Affect Staals

Conventional thinking amongst Rangers fans is that when Marc Staal’s contract ends at the conclusion of next season, he’ll strongly consider bolting Broadway for a family affair in Carolina.

But a lot can happen in a year, and according to Larry Brooks at the New York Post, the above situation already seems to be crumbling as Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos Jr., is expected to trim salary this summer after another playoffless season.

Brooks also speculates that a Broadway themed Staal family reunion might be the more likely scenario when Marc’s brother Eric becomes a free agent following the 2015-16 season. Eric’s current contract is worth $8,250,000 per year and he currently has a NTC.

Marc Staal has indicated in the past that he’d like his contract situation done this coming offseason.

…could you imagine if Eric & Jordan ended up in a Blueshirt with Staal instead of the other way around? Talk about a 180.

…i wouldn’t be so quick to assume if Carolina is looking to cut payroll this offseason that they still wouldn’t go hard after Marc Staal & other free agents the following summer. They could easily be looking to cut the fat now to get themselves in a better financial situation to compete in the Metro Division for 2015. 

…Carolina currently has a ton of money locked up in Eric & Jordan Staal, Semin, Skinner and Ward. I have to assume the Hurricanes would be looking to move at least two of these assets. Brooks says one of them will be Ward, but if I’m Sather, after locking up Marc long before Karmanos has time to change his mind, a call to Canes GM Jim Rutherford regarding the availability of Skinner  is something I would wholeheartedly endorse.

…as far as Eric Staal goes, it’s hard not to like a big, tough scoring center who plays with an edge. But, if the Rangers would be looking to trade for him this summer his salary would take up a significant portion of their cap space, plus Carolina would be asking for a truckload in return. I’d also have concerns about signing him when he hits free agency in two years as he’ll be 31, likely on the downside of his career and looking for one last payday. You know, the attributes Sather looks for in a free agent.


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