Carcillo Suspension Reduced to Six Games


“After considering Carcillo’s appeal during a hearing at the NHL’s New York office on Friday, May 30, the Commissioner ruled that Carcillo’s actions were more appropriately deemed a violation of Rule 40.4 for deliberately applying “physical force to an official for the sole purpose of getting free of such official during or immediately following an altercation.” The Commissioner determined that as appropriately re-classified under Rule 40.4, and under the totality of the circumstances, a suspension of six (6) games was the proper penalty.”

With Carcillo already serving three games, he will be eligible to return for Game 4 at Madison Square Garden.

…i still think the remainder of this suspension should have been waived but beggers can’t be choosers. Just happy Carcillo will get the chance to contribute.

…meanwhile, Scott Driscoll, the linesman who Carcillo had the altercation with, not only didn’t receive any discipline for his unnecessary aggressiveness towards the Rangers pest, he ironically will be working the entire Stanley Cup Final. How the hell is that fair? 

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