Carcillo Appeals Suspension

According to the NHLPA, Daniel Carcillo, has requested that NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, review the 10-game suspension imposed as a result of being assessed a Game Misconduct penalty under Rule 40.3 Physical Abuse of Officials — Category II during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final in New York on Thursday, May 22, 2014.

…as I’ve stated, Carcillo made his own bed by getting physical with an official, but 10 games is absolutely excessive. I’d love to see Bettman reduce it to five games.

Here’s Alain Vigneault on the Carcillo suspension (via Newsday)…

“If the right call is made [on Prust], that whole situation doesn’t happen,” Vigneault said. “Dan didn’t have a penalty on that play. There was no penalty. I still don’t understand why Scott grabbed him in that fashion. All Scott had to do was tell him he had a penalty; Dan didn’t know he had a penalty. Just ‘can you come to the box with me here, you have a penalty,’ and it would have been over. In that split moment of grabbing him like that — obviously, it’s inexcusable what Dan did, but those situations or incidents, put one after the other, lead to [the possibility that] a young gentleman’s career moving forward might be very tough here.”


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