New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens - Game Five

Canadiens 7, Rangers 4

The New York Rangers lost the Montreal Canadiens by the score of 7-4 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals, tonight. The Rangers lead the series 3-2. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…you didn’t think these guys were going to make it easy on us did you? For the first time this series, the Rangers looked like the slower team. After what the Blueshirts went through in the Penguins series, it really is unacceptable to come out with that effort in a clinching game. Montreal now has life, the pressure is all on the Rangers and if the Canadiens can steal Game 6 at the Garden the Blueshirts are in trouble. 

…haven’t seen opponents that wide open streaking towards the Rangers goal since the San Jose game back in October. Step behind all night.

…on a night in which Tokarski finally looked like the AHL goalie that he is, the Rangers didn’t get enough pucks on goal early. They past up numerous prime opportunities for the fancy play. They just needed to get pucks on net and didn’t do it enough.

…having said that, I loved the resiliency to comeback in the second. This team has had a never say die attitude all season and it was on display in the second period 

…it’s real easy to second guess AV’s decision to stick with Talbot, but the Rangers were obviously playing tighter in front of him after he entered the contest and it’s not like Lundqvist was on top of his game. Although, it was tough watching our All World goaltender sitting on the bench in a one goal game with a chance to get to the Stanley Cup Finals.


…inspiring effort by Stepan, who not only got himself on the scoreboard twice, but had an impact on Kreider & Nash combining for 2g, 4a a game after they were shutout without their normal pivot. It’s a shame not enough of his teammates played with the guts he did tonight.

…i’d like to give Montreal credit for their neutral zone play, but the Rangers passing was so abysmal they wouldn’t have been able to cleanly enter the Canadiens zone playing against parking cones tonight.

…sorry Rangers fans, that Moore hit is just as dirty and dangerous as the Prust hit. It was high, it was late, it was from the blindside and it was unnecessary. Having said that, the Prust hit was much later, the principle point of contact seemed to be the chest, Moore doesn’t have a history and Weise wasn’t injured. I’d say one game suspension tops. Meaning the league will probably give him five games. Hope Diaz is ready.


…while I didn’t like that Moore hit on Weise, I loved this one…


…apparently Moore might not be the only Ranger suspended for Game 6 as Dorsett did this at the end of the game. Pretty friggin’ stupid, especially with Carcillo already suspended..


…since the Rangers lost, it’s time to mention that Zuccarello is pointless in his last four games. Which sadly doesn’t approach how awful Pouliot’s been as he’s not only taking bad penalties, but is also pointless in his last six games.

…the Rangers might have scored on the power play, but it let them down big time in the third period. Ample opportunities to tie the game up including a 5-on-3 in which they couldn’t generate anything.

…this will likely be the only time you’ll ever see me praise the officials on this blog, but bravo for having the chutzpah to call a diving penalty on Plekanec, who apparently couldn’t avoid the sniper fire again. The Canadiens have completely disrespected the game with what they’ve done this entire series. #Plekanecing 


…what little respect I had left for Canadiens fans is completely gone after they threw bottles at the Rangers players as they left the ice after the game.

…listen, I get this wasn’t the most ideal time for the Rangers to have a stinker, but if you remember, the Blueshirts used the Game 4 debacle against the Penguins as motivation for the remainder of the series. Trust me, in Game 6 Lundqvist will be back to being Lundqvist. The Garden crowd will be insane and Blueshirts will undoubtedly play their most spirited effort of the season. This team has proven time and again it needs adversity to thrive and that is surely the case for Game 6.


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