Canadiens 3, Rangers 2, OT

The New York Rangers lost to the Montreal Canadiens by the score of 3-2 in overtime in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals, tonight. The Rangers lead the series 2-1. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…i’m friggin’ spent after watching that game. I’m pretty sure I experienced every emotion humanly possible. While life would be a lot less stressful if the Rangers could win every game, it’s not realistic against a team as good as Montreal. Tonight, the puck just didn’t bounce the Rangers way, but they’re still up in the series and that’s all that matters.

…i couldn’t be more furious with everything surrounding the Prust hit. First, despite being a gutless play, Prust (who probably lost his entire Rangers fan club), as he has the ability to do, may have changed course of the series with one hit. It set the tone and, for the first time this postseason, it caused the Rangers to get caught up in the emotion of the game as they became more concerned about revenge than winning.


…and it all could have been avoided if the refs just did their job. We can sit here and debate whether the principle point of contact was the head or not (I don’t think it was), but that’s as blatant and dangerous a late hit as you’re going to see and the refs are out to lunch. So now instead of the Rangers being able exact revenge on Prust on the power play, the refs double down on their frustration level causing both Dorsett & Carcillo to lose their cool.

…and then it turned into a complete cluster eff. I obviously have no problem with Dorsett challenging Prust, but for the first time since Carcillo’s acquisition we witnessed the undisciplined side we were so used to seeing in Philadelphia. Having said that, while I can’t defend elbowing an official in the chops, I do have to question why in the hell the linesman basically accosted Carcillo in the first place. For reasons unknown, the linesman decided to initiate contact with a fired up Carcillo and instead of recognizing the situation he decided to put the Rangers short-handed for the remainder of the game. This is the Eastern Conference Finals. Both teams deserve better officiating than that.


…and then while the refs were too busy goading the Rangers into penalties, they were missing this…


…Tokarski was absolutely the difference in the game, but let me ask you this…how many rebound saves did he have to make? That needs to change in Game 4.

…what do they say about just throwing the puck on net in overtime during the postseason? Wonder if Subban feels the Canadiens got lucky tonight?

…full marks to the Rangers for being able to gather themselves after the Prust incident and carry the play for virtually the entire game. And obviously their resiliency paid off with a play reminiscent of Brad Richards’ game tying goal in Game 5 against the Capitals two years ago, which elicited this amazing celebration from Kreider…


…Hagelin proved tonight that speed kills as he may have had his best performance in a Rangers uniform. I bet you’d be surprised to hear he’s tied for the team lead with five goals this postseason.

…hopefully having two more days to rest will help Brassard get healthy as his linemates are beginning to miss him. D. Moore has done a serviceable job filling in, but that line isn’t nearly as dangerous without Brassard.

…St. Louis was literally a combined fraction of an inch from having a hat trick tonight. Instead…nothing.

… i’m usually pretty critical of Nash when he doesn’t score, but I loved his game tonight. Very aggressive going to the net. He just wasn’t strong on his skates as he was knocked off the puck very easily.

…uneven game for McDonagh who was bailed out by Lundqvist on a terrible giveaway and obviously had an own goal. He did however showcase his ridiculous skating ability when he caught Gallagher from behind with an awesome defensive play in the third period…


…sometimes in the playoffs you can be the better team, but it doesn’t always translate into victories. Just ask the Canadiens after Game 2. I’m more than satisfied with the Rangers effort tonight. Unfortunately, the refs didn’t do them any favors which was further compounded by the Blueshirts getting away from playing “whistle to whistle.”

…whelp, it looks like we have ourselves a series folks. Game 4 on Sunday will decide whether the Rangers are finally going to give their fans a break with a short series or if we’re looking at yet another seven game marathon. 


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