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Canadiens 1, Rangers 0, OT

The New York Rangers (45-31-6) lost to the Montreal Canadiens (46-28-8) by the score of 1-0 in overtime, last night. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…if that game wasn’t a microcosm of the Rangers inability to finish all season, I don’t know what is. No doubt Price was good, but you can’t give the goaltender credit every game. I said it last recap, but not being able to bury their chances could result in a quick exit from the postseason for the Blueshirts. Luckily, the Rangers play the Flyers in the first round and we all know that the playoffs are like Kryptonite for Philly goaltenders.

…having said that, despite nothing being on the line for the Rangers, I thought they played one of their most spirited and passionate games last night. Dare I say they were borderline nasty. If they can bring that battle level every night in the postseason, to go along with some timely scoring, then they’re going to be a dangerous team.

…and the one guy who brought the most nastiness last night was Dorsett. He straddled the line big time, but after his trip on Desharnais, it seemed as though the Canadiens were more worried about revenge than winning the game. Very Sean Avery-esque.

…for the non-retribution crew, I hope Bouillon’s attack on Dorsett proved that just because you defend a teammate doesn’t mean you’re automatically assessed an instigator penalty.

…what a coward that PK Subban guy is. Goes right over to Dorsett after the Desharnais trip then high tails it out of there once the Rangers forward dropped his gloves leaving his much smaller teammate Bouillon there to clean up the mess. And the icing on the cake is Subban getting his “revenge” by running Dorsett from behind later in the game then cross checking him in the head when he’s down. How very brave of him.

…what a revelation Talbot was this year. He literally kept the Rangers afloat earlier this season when Lundqvist was fighting through whatever struggles he was dealing with. I’m pretty confident the Rangers likely don’t make the playoffs with Biron as the back-up. If God forbid Lundqvist ever went down in the postseason, I’d still feel damn good about the Rangers chances knowing Talbot was going to be between the pipes.

…what more can you say about the Rangers defense? They’ve been the key to the Rangers renaissance this season. Earlier this season they had more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese, but now, even when they’re playing without their top two defensemen, they’re as stout as any unit in the NHL.

…which is why AV is going to have one tough decision to make now that McDonagh is 100% healthy to begin the playoffs. Who sits between Moore, Stralman and Diaz? My money is on Diaz, who had another strong game last night, but I wonder if that miscommunication with Klein on the Montreal winner may have did him in. Can’t have mistakes like that in the postseason.

…another vital choice AV is going to have to make is Fast or Carcillo. I would have thought Fast would have the upper-hand because of his speed, but with the opponent being the Flyers, I wonder if Carcillo is the better option.

…would have been nice to feel good about the power play going into the playoffs with a goal, but alas, another doughnut.

…it’s funny. The Rangers have been one of the best teams, record-wise, in the NHL since the end of December, but the fan base hasn’t exactly embraced this team the way we did the 2011-12 squad. Maybe it was the rough start on the west coast. Or possibly their lack of toughness and emotion. Or it could have been their panache for turning journeymen goaltenders in Patrick Roy. Or perhaps it was not defending one other. Whatever it was, somehow, this team that we were so critical of all season has put themselves in great position to make a legit Stanley Cup run. Who knew?

…oh yeah….Phuck the Flyers!!!!!


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