Cally’s Heart Is With Rangers; AV A Big Fan

If you missed any of the Ryan Callahan trade rumor insanity last night, make sure you check out Adam's running time line.

Meanwhile, after the game, Callahan was asked about all the reports flying around about his future with the Rangers (via…

"I didn't hear about it. My heart's here. I want to be here. That's all I worry about on the ice."

…we want you here too, Ryan, but if you really want to remain in a Blueshirt, prove it to us by being realistic and taking the five-year deal on the table, which is more than generous.

…what bothers me the most about this whole situation, no matter who's at fault, is that I'm being forced to look disapprovingly at a player who has done nothing but give 100% and put his body on the line every night for the Rangers. He should be praised, not ridiculed by fans.

…i absolutely abhor the business side of sports.

Also after the game, Alain Vigneault was asked about the trade talk swirling around his captain…

"I'm a big fan of Ryan Callahan and I know he wants to be here. Contracts have nothing to do with me, but I'm hoping both parties can come to an agreement."

…always a tough spot for a coach. Of course he wants Callahan back, but he literally has zero input on this decision, unless of course he has issues with the player, which I'm pretty confident isn't the case here.

Ironically, one of the teams that reportedly has interest in Callahan is the Rangers trading partner the Columbus Blue Jackets.

…sure, Dubinsky and Anisimov for Callahan. LOL!

…i swear, if these two teams make another trade, it'll officially make them the NHL's version of "Freaky Friday."

…in all seriousness, you have to assume John Davidson is the driving force behind the Blue Jackets interest. He is more than aware of what Callahan brings to the table.

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