Cally Doesn’t Want to Talk Contract; AV Expects Him in Lineup Tuesday

After practice today, Ryan Callahan refused to comment on the on-going trade rumors (via Bergen Record)…

“I’m not going to talk about that stuff now. I don’t think it’s productive for the process of negotiations or anything.”

Alain Vigneault did say he expects his captain to be in the lineup on Tuesday night against the Avalanche.

Meanwhile, Derek Stepan discussed Callahan's importance to the team (via Daily News)…

“I’m biased obviously, but considering what he means to this team, what he’s taught me and what he’s meant to my pro career, it would be very tough to see him go … The business side of this sport is difficult. I went through it this year. It doesn’t say anything about the organization or the player. It’s just the nature of it … That’s the hardest part. It’s not personal.”

…if Sather really wants to re-sign Callahan, allowing other teams to speak with his agent as a strategy to lower the 28-year old's demands is a huge gamble. Callahan just needs one team to come close to his asking price to call Sather's bluff and then the Rangers are screwed because it's either match the offer or send him packing.

…on the other hand, as reader gravey94 points out, Sather allowing teams to negotiate with an impending UFA will only increase the captain's trade value as he's essentially eliminating any risk those suitors may have had about Callahan possibly bolting over the summer. Which could easily lead to a bidding war.

…Sather is either going to look like a genius or a bum. It should be real interesting to see how this plays out.

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