Callahan Suitors Narrow; No Progress With Girardi

Larry Brooks at the New York Post reports that Ryan Callahan's asking price of nearly $7 million per year for seven years has narrowed the field of potential suitors down to only those who want him as a rental.

Brooks adds that Sather appears determined not to let Callahan walk this summer without getting something in return, but has yet to receive an offer enticing enough to warrant dealing the captain before the Rangers’ final two games heading into the break.

…if what Brooks is saying is true, neither side can be too happy with these developments. Callahan hasn't found a market of teams willing to negotiate on a new contract with him to drive up the Rangers current offer, while at the same time because teams aren't interested in giving up Grade A assets to sign Callahan to a $7 million per deal, Sather is finding out that his captain's trade value isn't where he wants it to be.

…where Callahan still has the upper hand is that free agency still awaits and he'd likely be able to get close to his asking price from a team like the Sabres. Which puts Sather in a tough spot because if he doesn't want to pay the 28-year old his current demands he'll either lose him for nothing to free agency this summer or be forced to sell him for well below value.

Meanwhile, Brooks adds that the Rangers and Dan Girardi appeared to be closing the gap on an extension last week, however, he has been told that the sides have made no further progress in the interim and will likely go into the Olympic break without a new extension.

Brooks notes that league sources report the Rangers could receive substantially more on the rental market for Girardi than for Callahan.

…i have to agree that a durable, shut down defenseman, who plays a ton of minutes is more valuable to a playoff team than Callahan. But if the Rangers decide to move Girardi, who exactly are they replacing his minutes with?

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