Callahan’s Agent Says Asking Price Is A Discount; Two Sides to Meet This Week (Update)

Update, 11:51 a.m.:

…Cally trade for St. Louis back on?

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No one really knows what Ryan Callahan's exact asking price is right now. However, numerous reports have the number at close to a ridiculous seven-years, $47 million.

Now, Callahan's agent, Steve Bartlett has the nerve to tell Pat Leonard at the Daily News that his client's demands are a "discount" from what he could get on the open market…

“In my opinion, we are trying to close the gap,” Bartlett said. “I’m always keeping the lines of communication open.

“We have no misconceptions that if the (Ranger) feel it’s not within their best business decision (to re-sign Callahan at a certain price), a trade could happen. That’s a decision they have to make,” Bartlett said. “We are both well aware we could get a phone call tomorrow saying you are now a member of ‘X’ team. But we’re going to keep working. I’ll never be never inflexible in discussions … and I can say that, despite all the reports … this is not a case where we’re out in the stratosphere at a number that no one would be willing to pay.”

The Rangers have reportedly offered Callahan a five-year, $30 million deal.

According to Katie Strang at, Callahan's agent reports that the two sides are expected to get together this week….

“I haven’t talked to them since before the Olympics,” Bartlett said. “There’s really been no dialogue since I left. Either we talk this week or it’ll be pretty clear what direction they’ve decided to take.”

…say whaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!?! Almost $7 million per for seven years is a discount?!?!?!?! Callahan needs to sack this agent immediately unless he wants to wake up playing in a new city on March 5th.

…there's been a ton of debate on the blog regarding Callahan. What he means to the Rangers and how that translates into worth in free agency as well as on the trade market. However, throughout this entire process I have yet to hear ONE Rangers fan defend Callahan's asking price. If Sather is forced to trade the Blueshirts captain it 100% falls on Callahan as the Rangers offer is more than fair.

…to put Callahan's almost $7 million per year asking price in perspective, Steven Stamkos makes $7.5 million per. I mean seriously, should Callahan be anywhere near Stamkos' salary? And even if this is merely a shoot-for-the-moon initial offer, the trade deadline is a week away. When exactly does Callahan plan on lowering that price in an effort to negotiate a fair contract and continue to be the Rangers captain?

…truly boggles my mind how recklessly Callahan is overvaluing himself. He is a very good player who gives his all every night. He truly is the heart and soul of the Rangers and would be missed greatly the next few years. But if he for a second thinks character translates into being lumped in with the elite players in the league, I hope Callahan will enjoy his time in Buffalo.

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