Callahan, Rangers to Talk Contract This Week; Multiple Teams Calling With Interest

After last night's bombshell that Ryan Callahan's contract demands are closer to $7 million per year than the originally reported $6 million, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Rangers captain will be playing elsewhere before the end of the week.

But Katie Strang at gives us a glimmer of hope as she reports that Callahan and the Rangers will sit down this week to discuss a possible extension…

"I'm going to circle back with the Rangers this week," Callahan's agent Steve Bartlett told

Strang adds that Callahan's agent has fielded calls from multiple teams, but the sense is that many of those calls were to gauge just how seriously the Rangers are about trading the 28-year old.

…unfortunately, both sides have been negotiating through the media, which, as we all learned during the lockout last year, never works. So it's great to they'll be getting together this week.

…my one concern is that Callahan's demands seem to be going up instead of down. I have no problem with him shooting for the moon on his initial offer, but from my experience in negotiations the expectations are that both sides will give a little until they can find some common ground. Unless of course Callahan senses a weakness from Sather and is trying to bully him. I'm fairly confident both sides want this to work, but from what I've seen play out the last week I'm starting to question that thinking.

…i also find it interesting that Strang is now reporting that Callahan's agent has been contacted by multiple teams when initial reports had just one team calling. It doesn't seem like there's been serious discussions, however, the more teams interested the more Callahan probably thinks he has the upper hand in negotiations. At the same time, Sather can't be too upset seeing multiple teams showing interest as it'll likely drive up the trade value of his captain.

…it truly is amazing to witness all the moving parts of this saga. Riveting stuff.

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